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311 Grassroots Uplifter Vaporizer


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311 Grassroots Uplifter Vaporizer USA

Buy 311 Grassroots Uplifter Vaporizer, 311 Grassroots Uplifter Vaporizer  you Keep your feet on the ground, Keep your head in the clouds, Born in California and now with distribution all over UK and Europe

Also excited by the prospect of a clean, discreet and effective vaping experience. More so several members of the UK and US precisely Southern California entertainment and creative communities joined to develop the original Grassroot Uplifter.

The Grass Roots Uplifter

This stainless steel vape pen was named after 311’s 2nd studio album “Grass Roots” and their 9th studio album “Uplifter.” The packaging screams 311 with art and the band’s logo across the top of the box. The pen’s sleek design and high-powered battery provides a powerful draw with copious amounts of smoke per hit. A problem I constantly run into with vape pens is weak batteries with inadequate draw holes. When hit, the tip glows blue through a 311 logo. I tried the GSC and the DJ Short Blueberry. The oil was made by True Co2, an all natural processor, and the flavors were delicious. Inhalation was gentle on the lungs, which tells me how finely made the oil was. The effect was clean and energetic with a graceful return.

Keep your eye out for 311’s rechargeable version of the vape pen, which will be available in stores soon. Also, don’t forget to check out their tour across the states coming this summer!


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