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Apothecary Ambrosia Vape Cartridge USA

Apothecary Ambrosia Vape Cartridge, Retains more terpenes, potency as well as medicinal effect for patients. Thus, Made from Fresh Frozen Whole Plant Material and Never Cut with Propylene Glycol or Glycerin.


Stardawg-S: Potency THC 53% Total Cannabinoids 61.6%

Blueberry Parfait-S: Contains 58.8%THC and also 64.1% total cannabinoids

Death Valley Blueberries-S: Contains 57.7% THC

Flo-S: Potency THC 67.4% Total Cannabinoids 71.6%

Additional information

Apothecary Flavors

Blueberry Parfait, Death Vallery Blueberries, Flor S, Star Dwag S


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