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Bubble Hash/Ghost Train Haze 4 grams


Cold Water Bubble Hash or any other type of cannabis concentrate can be consumed via a pipe, hookah, bong, bubbler, vaporizer, hot nail (specifically used for cannabis concentrates), rolled into a joint when mixed with cannabis buds, or can be used to cook with when preparing edibles.

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Bubble Hash/Ghost Train Haze 4 grams USA

A sativa dabbable bubble hash with a sour citrus and floral aroma. An extract using water and filters, no chemicals at all! Consistency is relatively dry and sandy, with some clumps.

This concentrated form of cannabis, usually high in THC. This is consumed by adding it to a joint, dabbing, or vaping.  This article describes what bubble hash is, how to consume it, how to make it, from there you can go deep. Hash is a semi-concentrated form of of cannabis, where the flower’s resin and oil is separated from much of the fiber and pressed into compact cakes. Hashish contains various quantities of THC, CBD and CBN, depending on the strain of cannabis used.

where much of the residual plant fiber material is removed. It has a tendency to form bubbles when consumed, hence the name.



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