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Caliva G Pen Gio Cartridge USA

Caliva G Pen Gio Cartridges With more THC than any other Gio cartridge available at Secure Kush, Caliva’s Gio cannabis oil cartridges deliver full-flavor vapor. Available for individuals and wholesale in different extract formulations.

Classic Jack

Sativa – 80% THC  0%CBD

Candied lime and dewy forest flavors abound in this Classic Jack that produces a creative, focused, and delightful high. This sativa is great for active days that require a lot of energy.

Day Dream

Hybrid – 80% THC  0%CBD

Day Dream is a balanced hybrid great for anytime use. Its fruity flavors and smooth finish will leave you feeling happy and focused. This is one of the tastiest vape experiences you’ll have.

Cali OG

Indica – 80% THC  0%CBD

A true OG, this pungent, earthy, and potent indica Gio cartridge is your mellow buddy. The formulation is great for nighttime, bed side, and those days when mellowing out is your pleasure.

Lavender CBD 3:1

CBD – 10% THC  30%CBD

This 3:1 formulation produces mild psychoactive effects and is reminiscent of an afternoon at a day spa. Lavender flavors layered with CBD and indica produce a relaxing state of being that eases the mind and body.

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Caliva G Pen Flavors

Carli OG, Classic Jack, Day Dream, Lavende




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