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Grandma’s Canna-Crack Cookies


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Grandma’s Canna-Crack Cookies

Grandma’s Canna-Crack Cookies is a twist on the favorite chocolate crinkle cookie. Wanna know what the twist is? It’s cannabis! We start off with infused butter and add the rest of the high quality ingredients including Dutch processed cocoa powder and make gooey balls of dough. While preheating the oven, we take those balls of deliciousliness and roll them in powder sugar then let the magic happen! 

ingredients: granulated sugar, all-purpose flour, butter, dutch processed unsweetened cocoa powder, eggs, baking powder, vanilla extract, salt, powdered sugar, cannabis extract

contains wheat, milk, eggs, and soy

1 cookie per bag

net weight 1.5 oz (43 grams)


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