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Granola Funk USA

Granola Funk is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain made from a male Wookie 15 plant and a female Girl Scout Cookies plant. The flowers tend to be a deep majestic purple with dark forest green parts all rolled around in creamy sugary white trichomes. It has quickly made its way to the top of the list of favorite strains among regular tokers in recreational states like Colorado, Oregon, and California.

The flower itself tends to be floral and semi-sweet like pie dough and noticeably earthy on the nose thanks to the lavender aromas and flavors passed down to the plant by its Wookie father. On the inhale you can taste a tart and earthy yet creamy and semi-sweet flavor. Enjoying the Granola Funk plant often brings uplifted and happy feelings, but it won’t give you the uncontrollable giggles. It also comes with a mellow body high that won’t leave you feeling too couch locked or sleepy but definitely relaxed. It is best used by people who suffer from stress or depression and can help people with appetite issues eat. The gentle body high is also good for relieving minor aches and pains.

24-30% THC
0-2% CBD
0-2% CBN

Relaxed, Uplifted , Euphoric , Happy, Hungry

Stress Relief, Depression, Lack of Appetite, Minor Pain Relief

Dry mouth, Dry eyes

Floral, Doughy, Tart, Earthy

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1 ounce, 1/2 ounce


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