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High Premium CBD CO2 Oil Cartridge USA

High Premium CBD CO2 Oil Cartridge. Total active cannabinoids: 80% THC: 24%  CBD: 56% The cannabinoids are CO2 extraction. Seems to produce an oil that is much easier to inhale with no harshness.This particular batch of medicine is from ACDC. A strain of cannabis to test high in CBD.

Buy High Premium CBD Oil Vape Cartridge USA

This product is technically solvent-free. Which means it does not contain any traces of butane, alcohol, glycol. Doesn’t mean that the oil is without the use of solvents during the manufacturing process. In fact, the cannabinoids (THC/CBD) from the cannabis plant are first collected using the CO2 extraction method, which produces a viscous oil that can be either consumed orally or vaporized. The CO2 oil is viscous enough to be applied anywhere but it is not as sticky as other concentrates (like budder, shatter, or waxes). All POP Naturals CO2 oils are lab tested by SCLabs, a cannabis research and lab-testing facility based in southern California. This particular batch of medicine is derived from ACDC, a strain of cannabis that is known to test high in CBD (typically a 1:1 ratio or more).

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