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Lilac Diesel


• THC: 25%+
• YIELD: Heavy

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Lilac Diesel Strain Online USA

Lilac Diesel is becoming more popular in Denver and is available at Ballpark Holistic Dispensary, This this RBx1 is a strong, aggressive plant with medium length internodes and heavy lateral branching. She has large, spongy but solid flowers. Her
big yields and the fact that she’s easy to trim make this one an obvious choice for any garden.

• THC: 25%+
• YIELD: Heavy
Looks: Although generally narrow in shape, Lilac is more than capable of producing dense, fat calyxes that like to foxtail. The spiky buds make for an easy trim, both for topping and after harvest. Expect a lime-green color made even brighter by a thick sheet of trichomes.

Smell: Sweet, soapy and floral (in the same way that people who don’t like passion fruit describe passion fruit), Lilac Diesel offers a hodgepodge of cannabis smells, with high levels of terpinolene (allspice, soap, perfume) and myrcene (mangoes, hops, thyme).

Flavor: A sweet bowl of tropical fruit and citrus hits the tastebuds but is quickly swallowed by a skunky, rubbery wave of Diesel and floral, piney and earthy flavors.

this  strains, including Citral Glue, Forbidden Fruit, New York City Diesel, Cherry Pie and Super Lemon Haze. The combination results in an intoxicating odor that somehow showcases a slice of each parent.


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1 ounce, 1/2 ounce


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