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Orange Crush Strain


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Orange Crush Strain USA

Orange Crush Strain  is known for its dank earthy scent and citrus flavor. This Sativa-dominant strain that was devised by the minds at BC Growers Association produces a powerfully soaring cerebral high that wraps the mind in a blanket of euphoria. For experienced users, the effects are generally described as positive, uplifting energy that spurs creativity.

The orange-like taste of this strain’s smoke may also, unfortunately, bring about cotton mouth and dry eyes for most novice users. Some who use this strain may also feel light-headed and report feeling “the spins” – an unwanted effect that leaves the user feeling as if the room is spinning. The usual feeling of paranoia that exists with many Sativa strains may also occur when using higher doses.

Though some find the strain makes them feel more anxious, many more instead find relief from chronic stress, anxiety and nervousness. Typically brought on by depression-related disorders or PTSD. Orange Crush’s ability to increase the production of dopamine. The chemical that causes one to feel happy, is used to help fight off the effects of chronic depression.

Those who suffer from nausea and migraines also choose this to help manage their level of discomfort.


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