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Sensi Star Indica Marijuana Strain USA

Sensi Star weed is an award winning Indica dominant hybrid that smells of a coniferous forest and a citrus lemon; which is similar to the taste of the strain. This strain has been called a “one-hit quitter” and is often recommended to patients with a high tolerance. In Addition most feel high instantaneously with cerebral effects starting right after the first hit that lifts spirits and fills users with a sense of euphoria. Soon afterwards most feel a strong body high that relaxes muscles. As well these effects are often accompanied with a lazy haze that can make it hard to focus. Some also find the strain can make them feel very tired. As well users should be wary of the common side effects; dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, paranoia and headaches. Sensi Star Indica Marijuana Strain.

As such Often the choice for those looking to alleviate their chronic aches and pains, many find this strain can make even severe pain manageable. Recommended for afternoon, evening and night time use Sensi  may be used to reduce stress, the sleepless nights of insomnia, anxiety and depression. As a result Some use it to generate an appetite or to fight the effects of migraines, headaches and glaucoma. Sensi Indica Marijuana Strain


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