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Happy Sticks Vape cartridge


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Happy Sticks Vape cartridge Online USA

Happy Sticks Vape cartridge Online is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a Roman influence. Happy Hippy is known for its grapefruit and citrus notes with a piney taste on exhale. While it provides an uplifting and euphoric high leading to opened creativity, the Roman influence gives way to a relaxation perfect for treating muscle spasms and nerve damage. Happy Hippy won second-place at the 2017 Vancouver Cannabis Cup.

 THC: 79.44% CBD: 1.19%

Happy Hippy is a hybrid strain that has an uplifting, sociable, euphoric and creative array of effects. Users can expect to feel happy overall and a boost of energy. The flavor profile leans mostly on sweet and sour citrus with herbaceous undertones. This is a particularly great strain for daytime use.

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Happy Sticks Flavors

ACDC, Cannatonic, Gods Gift, Happy Hippy, Humbolt OG, Lazy OG, Sour Patch Kush, Sunset Gelato, Super Lemon Haze, Thin Mint, Watermelon Kush, Wedding Cake, Zkittles




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